TOEIC得分:785 在康橋學習期間:自民國94年起
姓名:林惠珍 學歷:真理大學 應用外語系畢
  I have been at Cambridge for a period of time. Before I came here, I had subscribed to English magazines for years and studied on my own. However, I was disappointed that my listening and speaking abilities did't improve. I am grateful to my friends Anne and Jason for telling me about a great English learning school,Cambridge.I have been thinking that one of the best ways to improve language abilities,especially listening and speaking, is to immerse yourself in that language.With this in mine,I visited several language schools and decided to come here because their programs suited me very well.
In the beginning , I was excited that I had such an opportunity to learn English.Then, during my learning period,I reached a plateau.I was tired of English and afraid to talk with teachers and students in English. Fortunately, they encouraged and helped me through this hard time.

  In order to make further steps and evaluate my English ability, I took the TOEIC and GEPT tests. I thought that taking a test, from some angle, could help me make great progress. I believe that many people have this same thought. Although I haven't passed the high-intermediate GEPT, I made a 100-point progress in TOEIC. That was a shot in arm.
In short,learning is endless. And I believe that through perseverance, my goal of speaking and writing good English will come true.